Complete solution for lawful interception management

Lawful Interception Architecture, functional model

Lawful Interception Solution

Lawful interception (LI) refers to the legally approved surveillance of telecommunication services. It has become an important tool for law enforcement and intelligence agencies around the world for investigating and prosecuting criminal activities and terrorism.

Most countries have passed laws that require telecommunication service providers to support law enforcement agencies (LEAs) with duly authorized requests to identify, monitor, and deliver electronic communication of individuals. In addition, there are national regulatory authorities and international standardization bodies that together define the technical framework for legal interception.



Utimaco – A Trusted Leader in LI

Utimaco has been in the business of lawful interception (LI) since 1994. We’ve deployed more than 300 LI management systems in roughly 90 countries around the world. As one of the few lawful interception companies on the market, Utimaco is an active supporter of the ETSI TCLI workgroup, and has participated in developing technical standards and compliance tests.
We provide turnkey LI solutions for many of the world’s largest network operators and service providers.

LIMS – Lawful Interception Management System

Our lawful interception management system, Utimaco LIMS™ meets the highest demands in regards to security and availability. LIMS™ has been designed as a true multivendor and multiservice system covering virtually any type of telecom network and electronic communications service. It’s a certified and industry-proven compliance solution.

Legal Compliance

Law enforcement agencies around the world rely on the real-time surveillance features of LIMS™. However, access to sensitive subscriber data and communications data is controlled by national laws and technical regulations. Utimaco LIMS™ helps operators to remain compliant and strike a balance between sometimes challenging and conflicting regulations.

Contact us to discuss the lawful interception solution for your specific requirements.

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