Solutions for Mobile Network Operators

With over 20 years of experience in the mobile arena, and thanks to close cooperation with leading infrastructure vendors, Utimaco provides the most comprehensive lawful interception solution for mobile networks today. Utimaco LIMS™ is used for monitoring in any kind of wireless network, including 2G (GSM, CDMA, GPRS), 3G (UMTS), 4G (LTE, Advanced LTE), and in other wireless technologies, such as WLAN and WiMAX. All solutions are in line with international standards, such as 3GPP TS 33.107 and TS 33.108.

Mobile Phone Interception

The MSCs (Mobile Switching Centers) in the core network of a mobile operator are generally prepared for intercepting calls and text messages. All such intercepts are centrally managed and mediated by Utimaco LIMS™. The content of intercepted calls and messages is typically handed over to the authorized monitoring centers directly.

Mobile Data Interception

Mobile data are usually monitored by xGSNs (GPRS Support Nodes) in the home network of a mobile subscriber. If the xGSNs do not provide sufficient LI capabilities, LI probes can passively intercept data in the core network. All intercepted data are mediated (i.e. formatted, copied, and secured) before hand-off to the authorized law enforcement agency.

LI solutions for UTMS, CDMA, and LTE networks are comparable; however, terms, data formats, and protocols differ in some cases. Utimaco LIMS™ supports various handover standards, such as 3GPP TS 33.108 (ETSI) and ATIS/TIA J-STD-025B (CALEA).

VoLTE Surveillance and RCS Interception

Many modern mobile communication services rely on an IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem), which provides basic calls switching and media control features as a basis for a number of different applications, such as Voice over LTE or RCS (Rich Communication Suite). Utimaco LIMS™ has been integrated into numerous IMS and NGN networks (Next Generation Networks) of all major vendors. For intercepting IP multimedia services, LIMS™ can interface with central call session control functions (C-CSCF) and border control functions (BGF, P-CSCF) in the IMS network. In some cases, LIMS™ directly administrates the application servers.

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