LI Solutions for Managed Service Providers

Compliance to national LI requirements and serving LI warrants is often regarded as a burden to network operators and service providers, as the government mandated assistance for law enforcement agencies (LEA’s) can pull time, money, and resources away from revenue generating customer services. In many countries around the world communications service providers (CSP’s) are requested to provide 24x7h service by security-screened staff to respond to complex legal orders. Additionally, operators must adhere to strict security regulations for provisioning, delivering, and retaining lawful intercept data.

In particular, small and medium sized operators go for outsourcing models. In this case certified ‘trusted 3rd parties’ manage the LI system and take care of handling the court orders (warrants) on behalf of the service provider or network operator.


Utimaco LIMS enables and facilitates managed LI services by special security features. For instance, all intercepts can be separated by network operator and are administrated centrally via secure network links (VPN). Comprehensive audit functions keep track of any system and user activity related to intercepts. Network failures and manipulation attempts can be recognized automatically and will be reported to the system operator.

The delivery of intercepted calls and data can be done centrally via secured connections of the managed service provider or directly from the telecom provider or network operator to the authorized law enforcement agency.

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