Active, passive and hybrid surveillance

Our ETSI certified lawful interception Utimaco LIMS™ supports all three different approaches to interception – active, passive, and hybrid - providing network operators with a flexible solution that accounts for budget, deployment, performance, implementation, transparency and availability:

Active Interception: The prerequisite for active surveillance with Utimaco LIMS™ is the capability of the existing network elements for interception and filtering. This makes it not only inexpensive to implement as it requires minimal hardware, but also fast to deploy. And it is highly available.

However, active interception can have a negative impact on the performance of the network elements.

Passive Interception: Our Passive lawful interception works in a slightly different way: the access points are separate network elements. Our specialized network probes are typically connected to the network by non-intrusive taps which provide a copy of the communications traffic. 

When using passive LI, network operators benefit from its flexibility and from the fact that it operates independently from the access network. Passive surveillance is also fully transparent to the user and has no impact on the performance of the network. It also fulfills legal demands for high availability.

On the downside, passive LI brings additional costs for the extra network elements and has limitations in coverage. 

Hybrid Interception: Hybrid interception combines the best of active and passive surveillance by incorporating both techniques. The hybrid approach is becoming increasingly common in today’s diverse network architectures and extensive service platforms.

Deep Packet Inspection

Our Passive LI probes leverage state-of-the-art deep packet inspection technologies for targeted interception as well as for the generation of IP data records. Our DPI technology (i.e. deep packet inspection hardware and software) not only filters individual IP packets but also analyzes complete communication flows of numerous Internet applications including VoIP interception.

Benefit from a variety of carrier-grade probes for different networks and services by implementing our DPI technology.



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