Lawful Interception for LEAs

Quality Requirements for Lawful Interception (LI) and Intercepted Data

Lawful interception and monitoring software has to meet high technical standards to ensure the effectiveness of communications intelligence. 

LEA requirements for intercepted data include:

  • Generation of a complete, unchanged copy of the original communications data
  • Secure delivery in real-time to the LEA's monitoring centers
  • Separate delivery of content of communication (CC) and communications metadata (Interception Related Information – IRI)
  • Data encrypted by the network of the provider must be delivered in plaintext
  • Only data to be intercepted must be delivered; the data privacy of other subscribers must be guaranteed
  • Provision of the analysis functionalities required by the specific Law Enforcement Agencies

Monitoring Centers and Lawful Interception Management Systems

Intercepted communications data is handed over to intelligence services, police and other LEAs via standardized interfaces as defined by ETSI or ANSI. In their monitoring centers, the data is further processed in order to support the investigative work. Monitoring centers enable LEAs to analyze the intercepted data according to their needs. For example, data is correlated to detect otherwise unknown relationships or is transformed into charts that visualize certain behavior patterns of the intercepted targets. 

Due to the ever increasing amount of communications data and worldwide connected telecommunications services, analysis of intercepted telecommunications data is an unsurpassed source of intelligence for LEAs. For this reason, lawful interception systems play a significant role in the work of police, intelligence services and other law enforcement agencies. Lawful interception is nowadays an essential part of the tool kit in the fight against organized crime.

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