5G Wireless

A coming standard casts its shadow ahead

A digital transformation is taking place in almost every industry, changing the way we work, share information and communicate with friends, business partners and devices. This transformation has created a need to evolve wireless connectivity for the fifth generation of mobile technology.

With the inception of 5G, a wide range of new use cases for the technology is emerging, which will boost the efficiency of people’s lives and business processes. The goal is not just to expand the broadband performance of mobile networks, but to provide capabilities for consumers and for various industries unleashing the potential of the Internet of Things (IoT). Networks that were originally designed for conversations between people will be used for machine-to-machine communication, too.

New business opportunities are opening up by bringing cloud-based services and software-programmable networks to the wireless industry. 5G will give operators and service providers the flexibility to deliver content and new value-added services quickly and with maximum reliability. Compared with previous generations of wireless communication technology, including 4G, the rationale of 5G is to expand the capabilities of mobile networks beyond a simple data pipe and become a service platform for any business and consumer needs.   

Data privacy, security and resilience is going to be strengthened with 5G to provide a level of trustworthiness that meets the requirements of all use cases and complies with national cybersecurity and privacy regulations.

In December 2017, 3GPP released the first set of specifications defining the system architecture of the new radio access and core networks. And more and more operators are announcing trials and (pre-)standard deployments of 5G using their existing LTE core networks. In 2019 and 2020, we expect to see the first 5G networks incorporating a new-generation core architecture.

Utimaco is working closely with network vendors and MNOs, and preparing for the first commercial networks. Our new Techpaper “Lawful Interception in 5G Mobile Wireless Networks” gives an overview of the coming technologies and explains the challenges with regard to lawful interception.

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Lawful Interception in 5G Mobile Networks

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