NAT Logging and IP Data Retention

Utimaco LIMS provides high-speed IP logging along with IP address resolution across Carrier-Grade NAT, so called CG NAT.

Our unique IP log features: It can passively record IP flow records. These are internet connection records a.k.a internet protocol detail records (IPDRs). They are recorded from user plane data and correlate control plane data in real time. This relieves routers, proxy servers and firewalls from extensive logging and frees valuable network and computer resources for maximum performance and network throughput.

One LIMS Access Point GNAT can process up 16 x 10Gb links in parallel and capture IP logs at full line speed. Latest generation FPGA technology overcomes the processing limitations of software based logging solutions, such as incomplete data, limited protocol support, missing byte counts.


  • Real-time IP logging with FPGA-based capture cards
  • Real-time correlation of public and private IP addresses and user IDs
  • Packet/Byte counts for all flows
  • Online statistics
  • Designed for fixed and mobile carrier networks
  • Up to 16x10Gb ports (160 Gbps)
  • Filters
    • IPv4
    • IPv6
    • TCP, UDP
    • RADIUS (IMSI, IMEI, user ID, Cell-ID)
    • GTPv1, GTPv2
    • HTTP (URL)
    • DNS64/NAT64, NAT44


  • Turn-key solution for Carrier-Grade IP logging and traceback
  • 100% transparent, fully passive, zero data loss
  • IP data retention (IPDR) is fully integrated with Utimaco DRS
  • Enables Carrier-Grade NAT logging in and across networks of all leading vendors such as Cisco, Juniper, Ericsson Huawei, Nokia 



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