Intercept Communications — Lawfully

Utimaco Lawful Interception Management System

Utimaco LIMS™ is a certified, proven solution to help telecommunication service providers respond to electronic surveillance orders as required by law.

With comprehensive multivendor support, Utimaco LIMS™ offers communication providers unparalleled flexibility and enables them to meet regulatory compliance demands.



Utimaco LIMS highlights at a glance:

  • Intercepts all kinds of communications services in real-time, including phone calls, text messages (SMS), photo messages (MMS), faxes, e-mails, VoIP calls, VoLTE, file transfers, instant messaging (e.g. RCS, Lync)
  • Integrates seamlessly with more than 250 types of network nodes by all leading equipment vendors, such as call switches, routers, gateways, application servers, stand-alone and virtualized (NFV) nodes
  • Supports all networks: GSM, GPRS, UMTS, LTE, CDMA, WCDMA (2G, 3G, 4G wireless), PSTN (fixed network), xDSL, Cable, WLAN, WiMAX
  • Role-based access control, and strong encryption
  • High availability, and disaster recovery configurations (redundancy)
  • Multitenant support
  • Scalable and extensible
  • Standards-compliant (ETSI, 3GPP, ANSI/ATIS, Cablelabs)

Download the Utimaco LIMS™ data sheet and the Utimaco LIMS™ brochure for the full list of technical specifications of our real-time surveillance solutions for fixed and mobile networks.



Utimaco LIMS offers a host of compelling benefits for telecommunication service providers:

  • Low operational costs due to centralized administration of warrants and intercepts
  • High security standards to prevent misuse
  • Seamless integration into existing networks, with fast time-to-market
  • Universal use for all types of communication services
  • Certified compliance

Utimaco LIMS has been successfully integrated into networks by all leading vendors: Acme Packet, Affirmed Networks, Alcatel-Lucent, Arris, Bridgewater, Broadsoft, Casa, Cisco, Comverse, Ericsson, Genband, Huawei, Iptego, Italtel, Juniper, Mavenir, Metaswitch, Nokia, Sitronics, Sonus Networks, Thomson-Cirpack, Zimbra, ZTE, and others.



  • Utimaco High-Availability Option
    System monitoring software for redundant servers (hot-standby), for Sybase Replication Server

  • Utimaco High-Availability Option
    System monitoring software for redundant servers (hot-standby), including Distributed Replicated Block Device

  • Utimaco Disaster Recovery Option
    for LIMS systems with warm-standby option

  • LIMS RAI (Remote Access Interface)

  • LIMS MC Decoder
    for IRI decoding and analysis

  • LIMS Loadbalancing Option
    This software module enables dynamic loadbalancing of intercepted IP data among multiple DF servers (DF3 loadbalancing)

  • LIMS Authentication Option
    This option enables remote authentication of LIMS users and OS users at a central AAA server. It supports RADIUS and RSA tokens (2-factor).

  • Remote User License

  • Utimaco LIMS Security Server
    This option allows the integration of the Utimaco Security Server for hardware-based encryption of sensitive data

  • Utimaco LIMS Encryption Option
    This option enables the encryption of sensitive data (on disk, on internal or external interfaces)



LI Standards

LI Standards

Because Utimaco is an active member of independent standardization organizations (e.g. the ETSI TCLI workgroup), Utimaco LIMS™ is compliant with a host of international and national standards:

  • ETSI: ETSI TS 101 671 (voice), ETSI TS 101 331 (generic), ETSI ES 201 158 (generic), ETSI TS 102 232-1 to 102 232-6 (IP, e-mail, VoIP)
  • ANSI/ATIS: J-STD-025-B (voice, CDMA), T1.678 (VoIP), ATIS-1000013.a.2009 (IAS),T1.724 (UMTS), TIA-1072 (PoC)
  • 3GPP: 3GPP TS 33.106, 3GPP TS 33.107, 3GPP TS 33.108 (UMTS)
  • PacketCable: PacketCable v1.5 (Cable)



The modular architecture of Utimaco LIMS™ facilitates fast and cost-effective deployment of legal interception in virtually any telecom network. The Utimaco Lawful Interception Management System can grow with your network, as new services and technologies can easily be added through software upgrades. Capacity and throughput can also be gradually extended by adding hardware.

Telecom operators can either install and operate the LIMS system as part of their own Operations Support System (OSS), or they can engage an independent LI service provider for a hosted model.

By centralizing and automating the administration of intercepts, Utimaco LIMS™ lowers the total cost of ownership of lawful interception.

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We understand that LI management is not simply about purchasing hardware and software. It is also about meeting national regulatory requirements and keeping up with technical developments.

Our customized professional services and experienced technical support staff help you to comply with telecommunication laws while minimizing the costs and efforts of installation and operation, now and in the future.

Utimaco provides services worldwide, including 24/7 technical assistance, online support, on-site training, and installation services. We operate a global network of regional service partners to assist you.

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