Utimaco LI Test Suite

The successful implementation of telecom lawful interceptionsystems requires the cooperation of various parties and the integration of different networks and service platforms. Even though LI handover interfaces are standardized, there are plenty of options, national parameters and potential sources of errors. Law enforcement agencies and telecom regulators need suitable test utilities to verify compliance, performance and data consistency. The new Utimaco LI Test Suite has been designed to test monitoring facilities by simulating real-time LI traffic without the need for a real network and user devices. Test cases with voice calls, messages and Internet data can be defined and executed within minutes, giving agencies an unprecedented possibility to verify the capabilities of law enforcement facilities before they process sensitive data from real networks and judicial intercept warrants.


Simulates LI traffic for testing law enforcement monitoring facilities

  • Voice calls
  • SMS, IP data
  • e-mail
  • from fixed and mobile networks (2G, 3G, 4G) up to 5Gbps

Mediates intercepted data in compliance with ETSI/3GPP standards

  • ETSI TS 101 671
  • ETSI TS 102 232-1/3/5/6
  • ETSI TS 133 108



Avoid expensive and complex tests without the need for a real network and devices



Quickly setup and execute test cases for all common networks and communications services



Test LI systems end-to-end, identify issues and bottlenecks, and verify compliance to LI standards and national regulations


Detailed Information

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