LIMS Access Points

LIMS Access Points can be used for targeted interception as well as for the generation of IPDRs (IP data records) for a large range of communications services. For this purpose, the LI probes leverage state-of-the-art deep packet inspection technologies.

The LI probes are fully integrated with Utimaco LIMS and the Utimaco DRS management system, serving both the telephone monitoring as well as the deep packet inspection markets. 


Real-time Monitoring

with LIMS Access Points

Telecom operators have been performing real-time monitoring of network connections for years to achieve various aims, for example to monitor service quality, to perform analyses, for fraud detection, E911 location and billing. Specialized network probes are typically connected to the network by non-intrusive taps, thus receiving a copy of the communications traffic.

Utimaco offers a range of network probes, Utimaco LIMS Access Points, that analyze all network data based on defined filter rules and which can extract data of specific interest. Law enforcement and intelligence agencies make use of such probes for non-intrusive surveillance of communication links.



Network Access and IP Monitoring

LIMS Access Point AAA detect user logins and device registrations by monitoring RADIUS and DHCP data in the core network. When a target is identified, LIMS automatically triggers the interception of the correlated IP data, either on IP routers with internal interception function or on one or more LIMS Access Point IP.


Voice-over-IP monitoring requires deep analysis of the SIP signaling in the VoIP/VoLTE core network. LIMS Access Point VoIP can detect and intercept targeted SIP calls even with call forwarding and in call conferences.

Mobile Data

LIMS Access Point GTP enables passive interception of targeted data at various points in the network of a mobile operator. The traffic can be selectively extracted from 1G, 10G and 100G links in the radio access links, core networks and at roaming exchanges.


Mobile Voice, Fixed Voice

In cases where access to the call switching centers is not available, phone calls may be intercepted passively in the radio access network, respectively from the transmission line. Utimaco provides custom LI probes for IP-based and TDM-based links, such as A- and IuCS- interfaces.


LIMS Access Point E-Mail are deployed in the core network of service providers to monitor and intercept targeted e-mails. As with all Utimaco LI probes they operate fully transparently, without any impact on the service.



Web Services
Lawful interception of web services requires deep packet inspection of http-based application protocols. The LIMS Access Point DPI can be tailored to intercept specific application data in the service provider’s core network.



Tracing back source IP addresses in a carrier network requires high-speed logging of all IP flows through Network Address Translation (NAT/NAPT). This compute and data intensive task is a big burden on carrier routers and can be accomplished by hardware accelerated LIMS Access Points in a much more efficient and transparent way. Our probes aggregate and correlate all IP logs with AAA data and forward the records to Utimaco DRS in near real-time.


  • Transparent - Independent of the serving network, no negative impact on performance or availability of the service, invisible for subscribers
  • High capacity – LI probes can be designed to capture large amounts of traffic and monitor thousands of identities at the same time
  • Secure - probes are segregated from the serving network and protected from unauthorized access
  • Standards-compliant
    ETSI/3GPP compliant hand-over of intercepted calls and data via ISDN or IP