LI Solutions for Law Enforcement Agencies

Lawful Interception for LEA´s

Telecom operators around the world have been deploying lawful interception system for more than two decades. While initially only telephony services were supported, the systems have been gradually extended for monitoring Internet access and IP based services, like e-mail and Voice-over-IP, Video calls etc. The plethora of dispersed LI systems however raises some considerable challenges for law enforcement agencies that need immediate access to telecommunications data of intercept targets. Among other issues, the authorities face problems to identify targets on the various networks, they need immediate oversight of all active intercepts, statistics as well as strong control over the security of the LI network.


Utimaco LIMS has been designed as a true multi-vendor and multi-service LI system. LIMS can be deployed as a centralized LI management system for many different networks and can serve users of multiple law enforcement agencies at the same time, while providing strict segregation of networks, users, intercepts and audit data. Each agency can access the LIMS system remotely, either with a graphical user interface or through a secure API.